New Social Enterprise: Hunta Gatha

Posted on May 10, 2018

New Social Enterprise: Hunta Gatha

Hunt for a bargain at our newest social enterprise.

We are excited to finally announce the opening date of City Mission's newest social enterprise, Hunta Gatha, which will be located at 76 St John Street, Launceston. Situated on the corner of the Tatler Arcade, the new concept store will provide an innovative youth-based space comprising of a retail shop featuring recycled quality clothing and new fashion labels, and a makers market. 

With a jungle-themed interior design, its name is inspired by the thrill of hunting for a bargain and the gathering of young people in a niche space, made for and run by, young people.

Retail Operations Manager, Tony Demeijer says, "Hunta Gatha is inspired by streetwear and on-trend fashion, and combines a mix of new labels such as Cherry Lane and Brave Soul U.S. Basketball tops along with preloved fashions. Offering a lower price point, the store offers youth a chance to experiment with affordable fashion and discover their style. Although fashion is our focus, we'll also stock a small range of cosmetic brands such as Essence Cosmetics."

The Hunta Gatha concept is also design to act as a training ground to help young people learn, develop and enhance their creative, trade and business skills.

According to CEO Stephen Brown, "Our retail shop offers young people an opportunity to gain skills in retail through volunteering. A lot of young people tell us it's hard to get a foot in the door without knowing someone or having experience. Our goal is to provide a pathway, helping them to develop new businesses, confidence and skills for new employers."

"As part of our youth service programs run by The Mish, we also plan to establish a makers market on the upper level of the Hunta Gatha premises in the coming months. This will serve as an incubator for young people with an interest and ability in creating art and craft. By resourcing young local makers in their artisan pursuits, we want to support them in contributing to the local economy."

Hunta Gatha will officially open to the public on Wednesday 16 May at 10am.

Operating hours will be 10am-5:30pm weekdays and 10am-4pm Saturday.

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