Real Stories: Louise

Posted on October 19, 2017

Real Stories: Louise

​Louise had to recently move to a new house.

While the new home is suitable for Louise and her children, she believes that the price of rentals has certainly risen as she is now paying much more per fortnight in rent which is putting a strain on her budget.

Unfortunately, the new rental is also not close to where her children attend school and she now relies on her car to transport them to and from school each day. Louise’s ex-partner won’t allow the children to move schools as they have changed schools in the past and he does not wish to unsettle them again.

After looking at Louise’s budget, it was found that (during the winter months) she was paying a fair amount in rent, fuel, child care and electricity alone. She is pregnant with her fourth child and while the father was helping support her when he was working in Tasmania, he recently moved to the mainland for work and is not assisting Louise with living expenses anymore.

Louise was provided with a fuel voucher and selection of food.


Please note: Names have been changed and stock images used to protect client privacy.

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