Real Stories: Larry

Posted on October 16, 2017

Real Stories: Larry

Larry came into reception asking for an appointment to see if he could receive some assistance.

The receptionist noticed he had not visited us since 2009 and the caseworker made time for him as they felt he needed someone to talk to.

In just one day, Larry had lost his house and job.

Larry worked on a farm for three years and lived in a house on the property with his partner of 21 years and their six year old child.

He loved his job and he supported the farmer where he could. When the price of milk dropped, Larry agreed to work for just $500 per fortnight. This wage continued as the maximum fortnightly pay throughout the calving season despite the fact he worked long days and nights.

Larry and his family now have one month to vacate the house they’ve called home for the last three years. They are struggling to find a place to rent in close proximity but Larry remains hopeful saying, “It can’t get any worse and I have to keep positive.”

While Larry insisted the family were not in need of food, he did ask if we would be able to help out with fuel costs. One of his mates offered to store furniture for him close to where the family are vacating but needed assistance to transport the furniture.

Larry received fuel vouchers and was very grateful for the assistance.

Please note: Names have been changed and stock images used to protect client privacy.

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