Funding assurance for Morton's

Posted on February 27, 2018

Funding assurance for Morton's

We are pleased to announce that Michael Ferguson, on behalf of the Will Hodgman State Government, has provided funding assurance for City Mission to improve Morton's Place.

Should a Liberal Government be re-elected, funding for improvements to Morton's Place will be included in this year's state budget process. Improvements will include the fitting out of the dining hall for our customers who enjoy our free and low-cost options for breakfast and lunch five days a week.

Morton's Place provides 17,000 meals each year for those that are in need in our local community. Additional assistance is also offered including counselling, chaplaincy, budgeting assistance, Centrelink assistance, mentoring, haircuts, showers and laundry facilities.

We thank Michael Ferguson for his continued support of Morton's Place and our organisation, especially for his kind words:

"I applaud CEO Stephen Brown, and his team for the incredible love and care the Mission and its founders have given to local families, the poor and the homeless over more than 150 years. These days it support young people in need of mentoring and support through "The Mish" and of course the drug and alcohol rehabilitation services at Missiondale. 

"Imagine what Launceston and our community would be like without the City Mission quietly going about its work every day."

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