#Mishopping with Mon

Posted on October 05, 2018

#Mishopping with Mon

Meet Monica. An astute, talented and highly regarded local busines woman, Mum to Lachie and devoted wife of Ben, we sat down with Mon to talk about fashion and finds as part of our National Op Shop Week feature.

Oozing style and sophistication, it comes as no surprise that Monica Plunkett is a diehard op shopper. A well- known and highly successful Launceston business woman, Monica has spent decades living and breathing all things marketing and has recently merged her business with S. Group.

Dressed in a black satin Japanese inspired floral shirt, teamed with a pair of black pants, it’s not hard to see Monica’s artistic style and creative flair extends beyond the workplace to her wardrobe.

Monica took a quick break from her hectic schedule to share some op shopping insights and fashion finds with us.

Q1. How long have you been op shopping?

“I’ve been op shopping since I was a Uni student in Hobart, around 25 years ago. Back then it was all about the price point, these days I’m drawn to it because I love the thrill of buying cool niche items that are a little less mainstream”.

Q2. Tell us about some of your best op shop finds?

“The shirt I’m wearing today was purchased for just $7. Originally, I bought it for an event I was attending but I loved it so much I wear it all the time. As a working mum, I’m always busy juggling work and family commitments so choosing clothing that is versatile and can be worn at work and to an after 5 functions can help save time.

“My go to place when I have a special or unique event is generally an op shop. Earlier this year I attended the Clifford Craig Ball with the theme Mama Mia. Just before the event I was driving down Wellington Street and spotted a gold number in the window of City Mission that was perfect, it was fate! I bought it and with a few alterations turned the gold dress into a pant suit. So many people commented on my outfit on the night, they loved it”!

Q3. Do you have any op shopping tips you’d like to share?

“I think you need to apply the same rule to op shopping as you do when you are shopping in any retail store, have something in mind before you go. However, the beauty of op shopping is that because it’s more affordable you can experiment and try new styles, the possibilities are endless!

"My second tip is for all the mums out there, when you need a costume for book week or anything else, make your first stop and op shop"!

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