Real Stories: Sharon

Posted on October 18, 2017

Real Stories: Sharon

Sharon came to Family Services after she lost her job earlier in the year.

Sharon had three minor strokes and was partially incapacitated. She was able to return to work but only on light duties. When she did return however, she suffered another minor stroke but was still able to return on light duties after she recovered.

Not long after she returned this second time, Sharon was dismissed from her position. She received a message from management stating that she no longer had a position with the employer and that she should not contact management again.

She was considering contacting Fair Work about the situation as she was struggling financially ever since. Sharon was receiving Newstart Allowance but found it hard during winter keeping up with Aurora Pay As You Go (PAYG) electricity with the heater she was running to stay warm. When Sharon came to Family Services, she was using approximately $50 per week of Aurora PAYG in the colder months and only had $6 of emergency power left.

We assisted Sharon with her electricity and provided her with a range of food to relieve her stress.

Please note: Names have been changed and stock images used to protect client privacy.

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