Food to support local community

Posted on June 22, 2017

Food to support local community

St Patrick's College responded to our concern back in March about a shortage of food supplies and have continued to collect to support our ongoing need.

Have you ever been hungry?

Have you gone to the cupboard and there’s been no food?

Students of St Patrick’s College were challenged with similar questions throughout their day and a tub was placed in a central area to collect food donations. Within a week, donations starting piling up.

Once the first collection was picked up by City Mission, Year 11 LINC Leaders recognised the importance of the donations and wanted to continue collecting food to support the ongoing need in the community.

Adding a bit of incentive, the leaders organised a house competition where donations were counted towards the students’ relevant house and a leader board is on display. The school has also put a nice spin on plain clothes days where instead of donating a coin, the students bring an item of food as their donation – with 1,500 students, this does add up!

The ongoing collection is heavily supported by Dr Julienne Colman (Deputy Principal Learning and Teaching and Head of Senior School) and Kim McInnes (Senior School Pastoral Coordinator) at the school.

Julienne explained that this project was closely aligned with the school’s values of recognising a need and responding to it to assist, similar to Mary MacKillop.

It is fantastic to see such enthusiasm amongst the staff and students at the school as their contributions are supporting families and individuals in the local community with a continued growing need for emergency relief in the Launceston area. 

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