Inside Out 4 Kids

Inside Out 4 Kids

INSIDE OUT 4 KIDS (IO4K) is an early intervention well-being program building the emotional well-being of kids. These free programs are an initiative of Launceston City Mission and are conducted in schools to proactively meet the needs of children struggling with anxiety, grief and the big emotions involved with change and everyday living. 

According to a recent national survey of the mental health and well-being of Australian children and adolescents, approximately 278,000 Australian children aged between 4 and 17 struggle with clinical symptoms of Anxiety.

Through delivery in primary schools, training school staff, and information session for parents, Inside Out 4 Kids is building the emotional literacy of whole school communities that is needed for children to thrive. Children develop  healthy coping strategies to manage change. All IO4K programs are delivered by trained facilitators in safe, confidential, and supportive environments.

The Inside Out 4 kids program includes:

CHANGE, GRIEF AND LOSS:  This is a small group education program for 7-12 year old children who may be experiencing significant change, loss or grief. The Program takes place over a structured seven-week period filled with small group learning opportunities with a trained facilitator. Students share and learn about their emotions and the grieving process, improving their understanding of change, grief and loss.

EMOTIONAL LITERACY – EARLY CHILDHOOD AND PRIMARY: This is offered in early childhood (kinder/prep) and primary (grades 3/4) age groups. Run over 5 weeks, working with class groups, experienced facilitators enhance children’s understanding of emotions and physiological responses, building foundations of emotional awareness of self and others, helping with self expression, language and regulation. 

UNDERSTANDING WORRY:  This small group psychoeducation program is designed to support young people aged 7-12 who experience patterns of anxiety which may be impacting on their activities of daily living. 'Understanding Worry' aims to improve awareness of the connection between the brain, thought processes, emotions and body responses. 

Inside Out 4 Kids has been facilitating our flagship program ‘Change, Grief and Loss’ since 2017 after more than a decade of providing grief support to children in our community. It was at this point that City Mission customised a program for Tasmanian school students to support them in moving towards healing when working through significant change, for example, family breakdown, or the death of someone close to them.

We are passionate about providing early emotional support services to primary school kids.

From facilitating programs for kids in local schools, to training support staff to facilitate in their own local schools, to providing parent information sessions or webinars – everything we do is in the hope of strengthening how our community understands emotions and supports children. Inside Out 4 Kids Facilitator Training.

How can you help?

With many schools and families lacking the financial capacity or resources to access trauma, grief and loss support, City Mission offers IO4K as a free program, building the emotional well-being of kids.

To provide this free program, we rely heavily on the financial support of individuals and the local business community.

For each child participating in the IO4K program, the cost is $500. This includes delivery of an eight week program by a trained program facilitator, along with course materials.

For more information about Inside Out 4 Kids, please contact us.

Donate to Inside Out 4 Kids or The Mish. 

Program Outcomes

 Here's what our program and team achieved in the 2022/23 financial year.

Their stories


Peta was referred to the Inside Out 4 Kids Change, Grief and Loss Support program when her parents separated. She was sitting with her facilitator arranging emoji cards into categories. She picked up a few of the cards in her hand and paused for a minute before saying, “I think a lot of people think that I am sad about my parents breaking up. This is hard to say and I’m not sure people would understand. I am sad, but I feel kind of bad because I am actually really relieved.”

The facilitator helped Peta sort through the emoji cards to find a relieved face and explained that it was perfectly normal to have mixed emotions during big life changes. Peta continued, “I knew something wasn’t right. The house was too quiet and I just wanted it all to be out in the open.”

Peta’s facilitator helped her draw a picture of before and after her family separation and identify where things had changed and what things were going to take some time to feel ‘normal’ but that they still cared for her all the same.

Peta left her session feeling lighter in her body after being able to express her emotions in a safe place and more open to accepting her new situation.


Jake was sitting in a session of the Inside Out 4 Kids Change, Grief and Loss support program playing a game with a giant, inflatable dice. When he rolled the dice across the room it landed on a two. Each number corresponded with a question to answer. Jake chose to pass and roll the dice again and again. Each time he would roll a two. He thought for a moment and said,

“I think the dice wanted me to roll a two so I would answer this question. I wish… my baby brother had been born alive.”

As he picked up the dice and walked back to the table another member of the group said, “Oh did he die? That happened to my Mum before I was born.” He put his hand on Jake’s shoulder, “that sounds really hard.” It was an exchange that lasted less than a minute but the facilitator knew something really special had happened in the group that session. The children had left knowing that they were not the only ones going through sad times.

Principal’s Story

I can’t say how much Exeter Primary appreciate the work of the IO4K staff and what they have done for our students".

"Your expertise, caring nature and ‘going above and beyond’ is amazing. You provide a safe place and time for students to understand how they are feeling and what they can do, which fits so well will our philosophy of empowering students to manage their behaviour and themselves.

Our students love participating in this program and talk extremely positively about you all".

Success Story

Jenny and her son John

Jenny contacted the IO4K team after her son's participation in the program through his school. She wanted to thank the team and share how much her relationship with John had improved since his attendance.

Jenny told us that John is now able to verbalise his feelings, which he had previously struggled with. She recognised this was a direct result of what her son had learnt through the IO4K program.

Since then, Jenny has recommended the IO4K to her sister and niece, as she believes they would also benefit from the program, building the emotional well-being of kids.

It has helped me say what my emotions are, it has made me feel happy.

Contact us

To register your interest or to find out more about Inside Out 4 Kids and their programs please contact the team.

Northern Tasmania:

Phone: (03) 6335 3032


North West:

Phone (03) 6432 2543


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