FOGO Compost by City Mission

Made from kerbside green waste. Produced in partnership with the City of Launceston and supported by a circular economy grant from the Northern Tasmania Waste Management Group and Northern Tasmania Development Corporation.

About FOGO Compost by City Mission

FOGO stands for Food Organics and Garden Organics. The FOGO kerbside collection is operated by Launceston City Council and comprises of food and garden waste such as kitchen scraps, lawn clippings, small branches and garden debris.

Processing of the organic material collected in FOGO bins around Launceston takes place at the council's purpose-built composting facility at the Launceston Waste Centre. The composting process is undertaken with forced aeration technology to ensure the material is kept aerobic so that the microbes can convert the product into usable compost. The process follows strict quality standards (AS4454-2012) to ensure the compost product is free of weed seeds and pathogens. 

Adding compost to soil improves its structure and texture, making it more ideal for plant growth by adding organic matter. With higher percentages of organic matter, the soil is better able to retain water, nutrients, and air, enhancing overall soil health providing a superfood for plants. 

FOGO compost is already in use by the council to maintain parks throughout the Launceston municipality and is now available for purchase by the general public via Launceston City Mission.

FOGO Compost by City Mission is sold at selected Mission Shop in practical 5Kg and 14Kg bags. By purchasing this product, you are supporting your local circular economy, doing your bit for the environment and supporting City Mission services.

Safety Information

The product may contain low levels of contaminants, such as fragments of glass or metal. Not recommended for top dressing sports fields, livestock pastures, or inclusion in edible vegetable or plant production.

Due to the nature of the product, batches may vary in composition. 

Click below to download the comprehensive sampled Environmental Analysis and Safety Data Sheet.

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