Bridges Out Of Poverty Training

Posted on November 13, 2017

Bridges Out Of Poverty Training

City Mission is proud to be hosting the amazing ‘Bridges Out Of Poverty’ training with Nairn Walker at the Tramsheds in Launceston on Thursday 30 November and Friday 1 December.

This seminar is open to anyone who works in the community, not for profit sector or who has an interest in optimising community and economic sustainability, increase practitioner efficacy and enhancing outcomes for people who can find themselves trapped in situations of disadvantage. It explores the impact of economic diversity in our country, considers the root causes of poverty and presents proven and realistic strategies and pathways to provide constructive and sustainable assistance to growing numbers of people caught in this cycle.

The “Bridges out of Poverty” workshop will provide participants with the knowledge, understanding and tools to tackle sensitive issues in respectful and constructive ways. It offers solutions that are practical and strategic, addressing everyday interactions through to policy implications in every sector, from justice, health and housing, education and employment, through to transport and training.

Presented by educator Nairn Walker:
Nairn has worked across Australia, New Zealand, the US and the UK with over fifty thousand professionals to raise awareness of Dr Ruby Payne’s insights into the issues presented by economic disadvantage in every level of our schools, businesses and communities.

She is committed to raising awareness, understanding and outcomes through sharing strategies that make a difference.

Book your tickets now via Eventbrite by clicking here.

Cost: NFP = $250, Corporate/Individual = $300
Fully catered with morning tea, light lunch & afternoon tea
RSVP by 17 November 2017

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