Transformation through Mentoring

Posted on July 24, 2017

Transformation through Mentoring

Andrew was referred to us by Child Protection Services in January a few years back.

One of our mentors supported Andrew as he made the transition from foster care to independent living.

They met weekly to help Andrew plan how he was going to move into his own accommodation. Andrew faced a number of practical challenges as well as having to deal with some significant issues relating to suicide tendencies, poor self-esteem and a lack of personal self-belief.

Andrew was referred to appropriate support services to work through these challenges with our youth mentor supporting him throughout the whole process.

This support provided Andrew with a base to come back to when life became difficult.

In time Andrew’s transition to independent living was successful. Through the holistic support City Mission and other agencies provided Andrew, he was empowered to move into a new quality of life.

During this period, Andrew experienced immense anxiety which led to him spending some time in hospital. Our youth mentor visited Andrew in hospital to show support, listen to his concerns and offer guidance if necessary.

Throughout Andrew’s journey, it was important to have one consistent and stable person in his life.

Today, Andrew does not require any further support from our youth worker. He is now a confident young man, living independently and working in a leadership position at his place of work.

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