Leave a gift in your Will

Your family comes first; then who will benefit from your estate?

Life moves fast these days and it is important that you consider the contents of your will on a regular basis.

City Mission is an ACNC registered charity that has been working with the poor and homeless in Launceston (and more recently on the North West Coast) for almost 170 years. City Mission services to the community have provided a helping hand to thousands who have stumbled on their life journey, providing a way forward and a brighter future.

Your support through a bequest or gift in your Will, can bring hope, and help the City Mission continue to provide a way forward long into the future. Your support will transform lives, communities and futures in the name of Jesus.

City Mission seeks to aid all who have a physical, emotional, social or spiritual need. We provide services to those in the community needing:

  • Chaplaincy
  • Drug and rehabilitation services
  • Career counselling and training
  • Life skills advice
  • Emergency relief - Rent relief support, Crisis Accommodation, Meals and food
  • Children and Youth Services including emotional literacy and mentoring
  • Basic health care through Mission Health
  • Social Enterprises that also provide skills development and employment opportunities

City Mission works actively alongside churches and community groups to bring friendship, care and compassion to those who feel socially isolated. City Mission has been a guide to the lost, a provider for the poor and a friend to the lonely; doing it all in Jesus’ name.

Why leave a gift in your Will to City Mission

After you’ve taken care of your loved ones, including a charity in your Will can be a simple and effective way to make a lasting difference.

A gift in your Will is one of the most enduring and inspiring gifts you can give. It offers you the opportunity to keep on supporting the issues that are important to you, well into the future.

Each year thousands of ordinary Australians leave a gift in their Will to causes they care about. Just like you, many of these people want to make a long-term investment in the future of their local community. It also gives the most vulnerable community members certainty, knowing that City Mission will be there to support them well into the future.

Your bequest to the City Mission will be used 'where it's needed most' which could include ongoing programs in North and Northwest Tasmania. Specific bequests can also be made and directed to an area of most interest to you. Please consider how you will be remembered when you are no longer part of this world. Leaving your legacy with the City Mission is one way of ensuring that your positive influence will continue.

How to leave a gift in your Will

This section provides details about how to leave a gift in your Will to Launceston City Mission. You can take this section to your solicitor, barrister or Trustee Company for further advice and assistance.

Options for leaving a gift in your Will

There are three main types of gifts to choose from:

  • A residuary bequest - After taking care of your family, you can choose to leave all or a percentage of the remainder (reide) of your estate to City Mission.
  • A percentage of your estate - You can leave a nominated portion or fixed percentage of your estate to Launceston City Mission. This means you’re less likely to need to update your Will later. Imagine the impact you can make with even 1% of a percentage gift to Tasmanians in need.
  • A special bequest - You can choose to leave a sum of money or a specified item to Launceston City Mission, such as artwork, jewellery, property, antiques, furniture, or shares.

Suggested wording for leaving a gift in your Will

Here is the suggested legal wording to use in your Will when including a gift to The City Mission.

I give, free of all duties and taxes...

[please insert the appropriate statement(s) selected from 1-7 below]

1. the residue of my estate (or [insert number] % of the residue of my estate)

2. the whole of my estate (or [insert number] % of my estate)

3. the sum of $ [insert value of your gift]

4. [insert number] units/shares in [insert name of company/ companies]

5. my real property (or [insert number] % of my real property) situated at [insert address of property/properties] having the title reference [insert title reference]

6. the proceeds from the sale of [insert reference to specific item(s) such as artwork, jewellery, furniture, etc] as liquidated by the executor of my estate

7. life insurance policy no. [insert policy number] held by [insert name of life insurance company]

Launceston City Mission Inc (ABN 77 205 956 084) to be used for its general purposes. The official receipt of the organization shall be a full and sufficient discharge to my executor(s)/trustee(s).

For more information or a confidential discussion please contact jen.jordan@citymission.org.au


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