Your family comes first; then who will benefit from your estate?

Life moves fast these days and it is important that you consider the contents of your will on a regular basis. Many people forget that this is an ideal time to consider supporting their valued charity institution in a way that will assure they are remembered.

The City Mission is a reputable charity that has been working with the poor and homeless in Launceston (and more recently on the North West Coast) for nearly 160 years.

The Mission has a heart for people who are finding life tough, providing accommodation to the homeless, clothing and household items to the poor and a guiding hand to those struggling with addictions and other life-controlling issues. Coupled to these are services to children and youth.

Your bequest to the City Mission will be used to support ongoing programs and capital expenditure. Specific bequests can also be made. Please consider how you will be remembered when you are no longer part of this world. Leaving your legacy with the City Mission is one way of ensuring that your positive influence will continue.

How can you arrange a bequest?

1. Contact your legal advisor to arrange a meeting to make or change your will

2. Decide how you want your bequest to be treated:

  • Specific bequest is where you designate a dollar amount, percentage of your estate or property to be left to City Mission
  • Residual bequest is the amount remaining after all expenses and specific bequests have been settled
  • Contingent bequest allows you to make a bequest only if certain circumstances are met. For example; if there are no surviving family members

3. Ensure that you have nominated a responsible executor to take care of the distribution of your estate

4. When making a bequest, ensure you include our full name and ABN in your will:

  • Launceston City Mission Inc
  • 77 205 956 084

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