Recovery Story of Past Client

Posted on October 24, 2017

Recovery Story of Past Client

Pete connects his childhood to his years of substance misuse. He started drinking alcohol when he was 10 years old and became a heavy drinker by my mid-teens.

Pete shares his story:

I played high level sport through my teenage years until my late twenties, when I married and had children. I started to go into deep depression.

Feeling very inadequate as a parent, I realised a lot of my poor character qualities which led to alcohol and other substance misuse on a daily basis had stemmed from my childhood. It wasn’t long before my path of self-destruction ruined my marriage and I was left all alone to search for freedom from the bondage I found myself in.

City Mission’s Serenity House offered me love and support while I detoxed from alcohol and drugs as well as providing me with basic counselling and options for me to further my recovery from addiction.

I chose to enter Missiondale’s Recovery Program where I have been able to start looking at all the core areas that underpinned my addiction. With help and guidance from the caring staff at Missiondale, my ambition to lead a happy and addiction-free life is becoming a reality.

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