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The Mish

The Mish is City Mission's hub for youth and young adult services, connecting young people through mentoring and unconventional learning experiences, helping them to build confidence and develop important work and life skills.

Our programs are designed for young people between the ages of 13- 25 years who may be withdrawn from peers, family and friends or disengaged from education or employment.

Located in Frederick St, Launceston,The Mish offers an inclusive, welcoming space where everyone feels valued and can work towards building a brighter future.

Our Sidewalk Mentoring program is also offered on the north west coast.

The Mish

Youth Mentoring

Sidewalk Mentoring is offered in Launceston and on the north west coast.The program provides positive role models to individuals who may require extra support through life’s hurdles.

Our mentors create a safe, non-judgemental relationship, assisting young people to work towards their goals and dreams.
Mentors typically meet with clients on a weekly basis for about an hour and can organise to meet on-site during school hours. Mentoring can act as a supplement for individuals receiving other support; therapeutic and civil.

Youth Mentoring


With our great range of programs, there's something on offer for everyone.Current programs in Launceston include:

➜ Art

Monday 3:30pm - 5:00pm

Participants explore and increase their skills using a range of art medium and practices in a positive environment. The program is an opportunity for young people to express thoughts, feelings and experiences in a creative way.

➜ Music

Wednesday 4:00pm - 5:00pm

The Music Program enables young people to build upon existing musicianship in partnership with others. The program is an outlet for self-expression, a space for experimentation and provides regular opportunities for public performances.

➜ Culinary skills

Tuesday 3:30pm - 5:00pm

Our culinary program is a great way for program participants to gain an understanding of the hospitality industry, however, learning to cook is also an essential life skill.

As a participant, students get a chance to try their hand at baking and patisserie, creating delectable treats that are then sold through our Mish Kiosk.

➜ Media

Friday 3:30pm - 5:00pm

The Multimedia Program has two streams.Participants complete an overview course including basic photography and web design skills, before being given the option to explore a medium more thoroughly. A range of software and hardware are utilised to enable creative design flair.

➜ Barista skills

The Hospitality Program provides on-the-job experience facilitated by The Mish’s Kiosk Barista. The kiosk is one of City Mission's social enterprises with all funds raised supporting youth programs and services.
Participants maintain a weekly shift of an hour and a half where they learn to make delicious coffee, customer service skills, operating ordering systems and cleaning procedure. Participants must be over the age of 16 and complete an online Foodsafe Course prior to participation.

➜ Holiday activities

During school holiday periods The Mish offers a range of holiday activities facilitated by our mentors. Activities may include camps, rock climbing, museum visits, laser tag or gaming days just to name a few. Activities allow participants to get out of the house, enjoy new activities, be entertained and socialise.


Mish Makers

Mish Makers is a new youth focused program which helps young people explore their creative side in art, craft and design. Open to people between 13 – 24 years, the program provides access to resources, with an emphasis on reusable and recyclable materials, that can be used to create products including clothing, jewellery, artwork, furniture and home décor items.

Importantly, Mish Makers can also help participants to develop the entrepreneurial skills required to start up, organise and manage a business selling their art and craft.

Operating from our makers space on the top level of Hunta Gatha, in the heart of Launceston’s CBD, participants are supported and mentored by a team of industry relevant, experienced local artists and craftsmen.

With a hands-on learning approach and one-to-one support, participants will also learn how to successfully navigate education and employment opportunities.

For more information, to register to participate or to volunteer with the program, get in touch with The Mish team via the ‘Contact Us’’ tab.

Contact Us

If you'd like register your interest in one of our programs click here to complete our registration form.

For more information contact The Mish Team:

Telephone:63 35 3004

Contact Us
[The Mish] has really boosted my confidence. I was a real hermit crab when I started but it’s been really good.

Success Story

Will’s Story

Will is a beat boxer. He has been part of the music program at the Mish since April 2016 and with the help of Reuben (The Mish Music program facilitator) has made steady progress towards his goal to kick-start his beat boxing career. Will and Reuben have been busking their way towards the purchase of a speaker, enabling him to perform independently. In June, through support from the Mish program, Will was able to attend a gig to see one of his beat boxing heroes, Tom Thum, where he got to have an impromptu jam with his idol. Will’s story is just one of a number of lives that are being positively affected by The Mish's programs through music, art and multimedia platforms.

Watch Will's story here.

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