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The Mish

City Mission values young people and believes they are a vital resource to our community and economic well-being. We believe all young people have the right to a bright future regardless of background or circumstance. In our experience, not every young person has the same level of opportunity. 

There is a great divide between education and industry in Tasmania and a demonstrated need for intervention programs such as The Mish that engages young people in education and/or work readiness programs.

The Mish is City Mission’s hub for youth and young adult services, offering programs for young people who may be withdrawn from peers, family and friends or disengaged from education or employment. Through intensive one on one mentoring and unconventional learning experiences, The Mish supports young people aged 12-25 years to build confidence and develop important skills to sustain education, employment and a healthy lifestyle.

Located at the Ark, 9 Killafaddy Road, St Leonards, the Mish operates during school terms, we offer a safe, inclusive, welcoming space where everyone is valued.

As more programs are added regularly, please contact The Mish team or see our social media for any new information. 

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The Mish

Youth Mentoring

Mish Mentoring pairs positive role models with individuals who may require extra support navigating life’s hurdles. Our mentors and chaplains create safe, non-judgmental relationships, assisting young people to work towards their goals and dreams. Mentors typically meet with clients on a weekly basis for about an hour and can even organise to meet on-site during school hours.

Youth Mentoring


Expressions (Creative Arts Program)

Let out your creative energy and enjoy a wide variety of creative arts such as cooking, sewing, woodwork, painting and more!  

Small group sessions of up to 8 young people at a time.

Click on our referral link to express your interest or give us a call (6335 3004) to find out more.

When: Mondays from 3:30pm during term time


Other Activities


A casual drop-in style space that provides a fun and low commitment way of engaging with the Mish, where you can connect socially, and enjoy a range of games and activities.

When: Weekly, Thursdays

Stepping Out (Outdoor Therapy)

Experience six weeks of team building and outdoor recreation, connecting with nature and discovering what our local community has to offer

 When: Weekly, Tuesdays at 3:30pm

If it weren't for The Mish, I know that my life would have been totally different...

Our Impact

Rachel’s Story

Rachel came to The Mish seeking 1:1 mentoring support. Presenting as selectively mute as a result of childhood trauma, Rachel was completely non-verbal in group settings and almost entirely non-verbal in 1:1 sessions.

With consistent and sensitive mentoring help throughout the initial stages, she became more and more comfortable with her mentor and the other young people around The Mish. With continued support, little by little, Rachel began to feel comfortable communicating in simple one or two-word answers in 1:1 sessions, and has felt safe in the groups doing the same as she got used to the place.

Months on, this growth blossomed at The Mish, and Rachel was much more comfortable around groups of people, and works independently on activities!

Rachel was so excited to come to the Mish on a recent occasion that she ran down the street to the door to get here quicker. The grandmother, moved to tears in retelling the joyous moment, shared that we can’t possibly realise how much we've done for her.

The Mish’s consistent and gentle support has been proven to help Rachel grow outside of the safety of The Mish and into other areas of her life.

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