Why Shop At Mission Shops?

Benefits of Shopping at Mission Shops

Shopping at any of our 11 Mission Shops and 4 Resale Centres across Northern Tasmania holds more benefits than just money saving:


1. When you shop at our shops, 100% of your money stays in Tasmania and helps us transform the lives of more than 10,000 Tasmanians each year

2. Every single purchase makes a difference in your community and goes towards our services that span across many areas of need

3. Your chance to be a part of something bigger and shop with a purchase

4. Shopping second-hand reduces your carbon footprint and use of natural resources. Last year over 1.7 million items were diverted from landfill through our Mission Shops and Resale Centres

Our Impact

This graphic shows what we were able to achieve in just one year through our core services and programs, largely because of the support shown to our Mission Shops and Resale Centres.

Every year for 170 years now City Mission has been providing care and assistance to those experiencing hardship and disadvantage in our community. Areas including crisis accommodation, youth development, and drug and alcohol recovery are just some of the ways in which we assist those in need. 

More information about any of our programs and services can be found within our 'find a service' page: https://www.citymission.org.au/find-a-service

By Shopping You're Helping...

By making purchases at any of our 11 Mission Shops or 4 Resale Centres, you're directly helping to make a difference in your community through the below programs and services:

Morton's Place / City Kitchen:

Purchases at our Missions Shops and Resale Centres help provide meals at Morton’s Place and City Kitchen.

Both services offer freshly cooked and inexpensive meals as well as a place for social connection to those in need. Tea, coffee, shower, and laundry facilities are also available during operating hours. Last year the two services combined to supply over 18000 meals to the community, with funds received from our shops being a large reason why this is possible.

  • Morton’s Place is located at 46 Frederick Street, Launceston and is open Mon-Fri 8am – 1pm.
  • City Kitchen is located in the Burnie Baptist Church Hall at 57 Mount Street, Burnie and is open 9am – 12:45pm Tues-Fri. 

Orana House and Safe Space:

By shopping at our Mission Shops and Resale Centres, you’re directly helping us provide housing at Orana House and Safe Space Launceston.

Both services provide crisis accommodation for those who may be struggling to find a secure place to sleep.

Orana House is located in Newnham and focuses on providing long-term accommodation to males aged 21 and over.

Safe Space Launceston is a 24/7 service located at 46 Frederick Street Launceston and supplies a safe place to sleep as well as basic needs such as showers, laundry, and meals to those who may be experiencing homelessness. Together, both services last year were able to provide over 15,000 bed nights, with large thanks to funds received from our Shops and Resale Centres.

Find out more about these two services here: https://www.citymission.org.au/find-a-service/crisis-accommodation?t=orana-house

The Mish:

By supporting our Mission Shops and Resale Centres, you’re directly helping provide youth services like The Mish.

The Mish is a service that aims at empowering young people and building brighter futures. This is achieved through programs designed for young people aged 12-25 who may be withdrawn from peers, family and friends or disengaged from education or employment.

With help from funds received from purchases at our shops and Resale Centres, The Mish has been able to help 199 young reach their potential in the last year. 

Find out more information about The Mish and its programs here or on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/themi...

Inside Out 4 Kids (IO4K):

By shopping at our Mission Shops and Resale Centres, you’re helping support children through the Inside Out 4 Kids program.

Inside Out 4 Kids focuses on building the emotional well-being of kids aged 5-12. This is achieved through the offering of four early intervention wellbeing programs delivered free of charge in local schools by trained facilitators.

The four programs are: Change, Grief and Loss; Understanding Worry; Early Childhood Emotional Literacy; and Primary Emotional Literacy. Over the last year these programs have been delivered to 2500 children across 48 schools. 

More information about IO4K here or on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Insid...

Family Services:

By shopping at our Mission Shops and Resale Centres, you are helping provide emergency relief to families and individuals who need it the most.

Our Family Services team provide much needed support and information to people in Launceston and the Northwest who are experiencing difficulties with basic living costs. This includes but is not limited to food parcels/vouchers, essential service bill assistance, emergency fuel and transport needs, and referrals for additional support to other services as required. 

Just in the last year, with help from sales at our stores, the Family Services team had nearly 4000 total appointments and provided over $500,000 in direct assistance.

The locations for the service are 48 Frederick Street Launceston (8:45am-4:30pm), and 55 Mount Street Burnie.

To make an appointment in Launceston, please call 6335 3000

For appointments in the Northwest please call 6432 2543

Landfill Diversion

One of the biggest benefits of shopping second hand is the environmental impact.

Diverting items from landfill and extending their lifecycle plays a major role in reducing carbon emissions and damage to the environment.

Last year alone through our 11 City Mission shops and four Resale Centres over 1.7 million items were diverted from landfill and given new life. This equates to over 5000 tones of carbon saved, which is the equivalent of removing 2100 cars from the road.

Every year we aim to increase our positive impact on the environment, and with the support shown to our Shops and Resale Centres this becomes possible. 

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