Bianca's Story

Posted on August 13, 2018

Bianca's Story

Bianca is one of thousands of people City Mission has helped across the North and North West of Tasmania this Winter.

Bianca separated from her husband recently due to family violence related issues. They are equal partners in their own business, each drawing an income. However, Bianca’s husband manages to stop her receiving any income and she is informed by Centrelink she is not able to claim a benefit as she is a part owner in a business. Bianca is left with a vehicle, for now, and some money, but after several months the money has been used up to pay for basic living expenses and legal fees. On top of this, Bianca is dealing with some serious health issues and has also suffered a dramatic weight loss. Her medication alone is around $50 each month and she recently had to go a week without as she couldn’t afford it. Bianca is referred to our Family Services team and finds a friendly face. We are able to help her with food, clothing and fuel for her vehicle and provide some ongoing support until she gets back on her feet.

*Names in this story have been changed for privacy reasons.

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