The 3 F's with Daniela Cavalletti

Posted on October 02, 2018

The 3 F's with Daniela Cavalletti

A former Sydneysider, Daniela Cavalletti now calls Launceston home, bringing with her a host of creative talents and an insatiable appetite for op shopping!

Daniela Cavalletti is a fresh face to Launceston, moving earlier this year with her husband Roland. An accomplished copywriter, editor and ghost-writer heading up the international tribe of wordsmiths at Cavalletti Communications, Daniela’s passion is to help people find their unique voice, stand out and become a leader in their marketplace.

And as we recently found out, her other passion is op shopping. A well- travelled and seasoned international op shopper, Daniela shares her secret to looking a million dollars but not spending it.

“The secret to op-shopping is the 3 F’s, 1 focus, frequency + fun”, says Daniela.

1. Focus: “Have a look around the various op shops in your area (and Launceston has a fantastic selection) and pick one or three that you really like. For me, those are the ones that have a great variety of things, get quirky things in, and have regular new stock.

2. Frequency: “The great thing about op-shopping is that you can find both necessary and unusual things that you can spoil yourself with at an affordable price. The downside: you might find the prefect dress one day … but it’s not in your size. So, going frequently for a browse helps me not only have some lovely me time seeing new things (is it just me or is it a bit like going to gallery/spa or some other arty/relaxing place?), but also ups the chances of finding a great piece that fits me well and just begs me to take it home.

3. Fun: “With op-shopping you can take some “fashion risks” because you don’t pay premium prices. It’s ok if you might buy that technicolour mad designer dress you only wear once in a blue moon, because it was $7 not $700. So, do experiment, have fun with it! Try on things that you’d never think you dare to wear or that “suit you”. Go outside your comfort zone every now and again. You’ll be surprised at the “out-there” clothes you found that not only suit you well, but really complement your style. I love bold colours, clean and classic lines, unusual cuts. I need to be comfortable, but a bit sassy. So, don’t like overly conservative clothes. Still, I ended up with a VERY conservative-cut woollen skirt suit … in bright orange. Happy days”!

Daniela is pictured wearing a red poppy wrap dress from Wayside Chapel Op Shop, Kings Cross, Sydney.

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