Project North Launch

Posted on October 24, 2023

Project North Launch

Transforming Communities

Project North, officially launched in October, aims to support the dreams, hopes and aspirations of those living in the Northern Suburbs of Launceston.

City Mission, in partnership with Olive Grove Tasmania began Project North Initiative in July 2022, with the goal of in inspiring a community led initiative which aims to identify and alleviate some of the more persistent and complex social issues in the Northern Suburbs of Launceston. It hopes to achieve this through local communities working together around an agreed resident led collective impact approach. A key component of this project is the empowerment of local community members being the primary owners and changemakers when it come building a better future for those they love.

Ray Green (Project North – Community Development Lead) works alongside various place-based community stakeholders, such as the City of Launceston, the Northern Suburbs Community Centre, Starting Point Neighbourhood House, local community sheds, the Migrant Resource Centre, Community Housing Limited as well as government and business to help equip, resource and develop local leaders, facilitating the longer term viability of the project.

Passionate stakeholders working alongside these community members help underpin and resource these dreams. Once a common/community agenda has been agreed upon local community groups/teams work in collaboration to leverage their combined assets to achieve both long term projects as well as running smaller quick win projects that build, community spirit, self-belief and momentum.

Project North is currently seeking community input via it’s Transform Together survey, open to gather community feedback from those living in the Northen Suburbs (Rocherlea, Mayfield, Newnham, Mowbray, Ravenswood, Waverley, and Invermay) until the end of October. Survey link:

or complete the survey using the QR code below:

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