Living at Orana House: Client Story

Posted on August 24, 2017

Living at Orana House: Client Story

“I have been living at Orana House for the last 15 months."

"Before that my life was spiralling out of control. I was in a very bad place within myself. I rang Eddie at Missiondale after a short stay in hospital. I met Eddie 8 years ago after completing the program at Missiondale. Eddie took me to Orana House where I was treated with respect and compassion from all staff. I was also given continued guidance which has helped my self-esteem and depression, which I still struggle with like many others.

“I enjoy helping staff where I can and being a Long Term Resident I try to set an example for others to follow. Orana has had such a positive impact on me and has shown me that the future can be bright and joyous. Since I have been living at Orana House I would like to help others travel through life safe and healthy. Talking to staff here can be like talking to an old friend – great! Helping out around Orana gives me an inner warmth."

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