Moonbeam Children’s Charity’s parting gift to the Launceston community

Posted on October 22, 2018

Moonbeam Children’s Charity’s parting gift to the Launceston community

Moonbeam Children's Charity chose Anti-Poverty Week to make its final donations to the Launceston community.

Launceston’s Moonbeam Children’s Committee has provided over $600,000 in financial assistance to abused, ill and needy children over the past 20 years. Recently the Committee decided to wind up operations and presented the last of its fundraising efforts to City Mission:

  • $2000 to City Mission’s Inside Out 4 Kids ( children’s trauma, grief and loss program).
  • $500 – Morton’s Place for additional food costs for special events.
  • $1767 Youth Services.

Chairman Peter Doddy has been a committee member since Moonbeam began and is proud of what it has achieved in its time. “We have had great support from the community and it’s been wonderful to be able to help so many worthy causes including Save the Children, Giant Steps, St George’s School, White Lion, LGH Children’s Ward and Angel’s Bullying.

Moonbeam’s donation coincided with Anti-Poverty Week which aims to raise awareness of poverty in our community and will be a welcome boost according to Stephen Brown, City Mission’s CEO.

“We are extremely grateful to Moonbeam for their support, it is timely as this week we highlight the rising rate of poverty for children. The impact of poverty on children is profound, figures for Tasmania suggest around 15,000 children are living on a very low income and below the poverty. Not only does poverty effect food, housing and education, children from families with a high reliance on welfare support can also have a decreased sense of control over life events yet are more likely to experience more adversity throughout their lives.

“Statistics are showing poverty in sole parent families has continued to trend upward since the GFC with significant changes to social security payments. This has made it incredibly challenging for sole parents who are relying on a single income. Due to child care responsibilities, they are often unable to work full-time hours or may be restricted by the cost of availability of child care.

“Child social exclusion is also a growing issue. In 2016 Tasmania had the second highest prevalence of children at greatest risk of social exclusion in Australia (34%). This can lead to lost opportunity and disengagement. We are seeing the of these issues through our Inside Out 4 Kids program that helps children deal with trauma, grief and loss and our Youth Services programs.

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