Hub to Support Children

Posted on June 20, 2017

Hub to Support Children

City Mission's children's trauma, grief and loss support program Inside Out 4 Kids now has a Hub on Frederick Street in Launceston.

The program usually runs in schools but a range of children require support outside of school hours, during school holidays or simply because their school does not offer the program yet. 

The Inside Out 4 Kids Hub is a vibrant space for children to feel safe and supported. It officially opened on Friday 16 June with a range of the program's funding providers, supporters and school representatives. 

Inside Out 4 Kids coordinator Teenette Van Dyk, said that the Hub was an important step for the program because while schools break for holidays, children do not get a break from their trauma, grief or loss. 

"Trauma is all year round, it doesn't go on holidays," Teenette explained.

Our sponsors and supporters for the program and Hub were acknowledged at the opening:

  • Motors Foundation
  • WD Booth Estate
  • Tasmanian Community Fund
  • Department of Health and Human Services
  • Rotary Club of Central Launceston
  • Monique Kode and family (CMK Distributors, Geronimo Aperitivo Bar & Restaurant)
  • Vos Construction
  • Flying Colours
  • Belinda Fettke (BPhotography)
  • Southern Cross Austereo 

Southern Cross Austereo are supporting the program in terms of an advertising campaign later in the year but they have also supported Jo Palmer to become the ambassador for Inside Out 4 Kids.

With Jo's ambassadorship we aim to build awareness of the role that Inside Out 4 Kids plays in our communities. In addition to lending her profile, Jo will help us gain a voice in the homes and families of young people who may need our help.

Jo spoke at the opening about her childhood and how significant her cubby house was growing up, but most importantly the fact that adults would have a conversation with her while she spent time in her cubby house. When Jo heard about the Inside Out 4 Kids program and the opportunity to be an ambassador for it, she said she only thought about it for 30 seconds as this is something she is passionate about herself and likened the Hub to being a big cubby house for children - "...somewhere they can feel safe and loved." 

Attendees also heard from Lee Craw, Principal of Perth Primary School. Lee shared her thoughts on the program as it has been running in her school for some time. Lee said that the impact the program was quite evident with the children and that they valued the sessions with Teenette - as one child would ask: "Is today a Teenette day?"

The Hub acts as a safe space for children to go and develop coping skills to work through their trauma, grief or loss. Families are supported when they bring their child in with a waiting room filled with toys and a kitchenette for water, tea or coffee.

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