Real Stories: Ruth

Posted on October 17, 2017

Real Stories: Ruth

Ruth arrived at Family Services quite emotional. She is in her early 50s and receives the Disability Support Pension.

To  attend the appointment Ruth  had to walk into the City as she could not afford a Metro bus ticket. On arrival, the caseworker noticed she had a hole in her shoes.

Ruth received her last support payment two days ago but after rent, reimbursing people she had borrowed from and paying hospital fees, she had little to nothing left.

Fighting back tears with the caseworker, Ruth, a victim of family violence, also explained she felt lonely since separating from her abusive partner. After some discussion, she agreed to seek support from one of our Chaplains.

Ruth received a Mission Shop voucher to replace her shoes and purchase some clothing, food and assistance to catch the bus.

Please note: Names have been changed and stock images used to protect client privacy.

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