Real Stories: Kent

Posted on October 20, 2017

Real Stories: Kent

Kent reluctantly came into Family Services as a last resort earlier this year.

Kent had not been to the service before but found himself in a position where he needed to ask for help.

While he did have a job, his employer couldn’t afford to keep him on due to work slowing up for the business. Kent was now receiving a Newstart Allowance but was finding it hard to keep on top of living expenses as he tried to find employment. He had a motorcycle and car loan which he was still trying to make repayments on but was falling behind. The financial institute told him that in order to gain a period of grace under financial hardship, he had to catch up on his repayments first.

Keen to find a new job and start working again, Kent recently applied for a position that suited his qualifications and had an interview lined up on the North West Coast. He was unsure about how he could get to the interview however.

On top of this, Kent’s teenage daughter was visiting him from interstate and while he was excited to spend time with her again, he was worried about what he might be able to offer her to eat while she stayed with him.

Despite being reluctant asking for assistance, Kent was extremely grateful to receive fuel assistance to attend his interview, a food parcel and voucher for him and his daughter.

Kent was also referred to Anglicare Financial Counselling to help him further with his budgeting should he choose to seek further assistance.


Please note: Names have been changed and stock images used to protect client privacy.

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