Everyone needs a little joy at times

Posted on December 05, 2017

Everyone needs a little joy at times

Last year, a local family who would not have normally required assistance found themselves coming to us just before Christmas.

The mother had been diagnosed with cancer and was receiving medical treatment in Hobart two times a week.

When they returned to the family home one day, they found that the house had been burgled and windows smashed. Electrical items and all of the Christmas presents that were under the tree had been taken. They also found that their family dog had been poisoned.

Due to the added expense of travelling in the lead-up to Christmas, the family’s budget was exhausted for vet treatment and Christmas. The mother came to us in tears trying to make sense of it all.

Family Services offered the mother a listening ear, food, fuel and Christmas toys to help remove some of the overwhelming stress and anxiety associated with everything going on in their lives. 

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