The Missiondale Therapeutic Community is a 34 bed residential facility located on a 25-acre peaceful rural property in Evandale, Tasmania. The program is made up of four different stages, taking from 2-8 months to complete. Residents of all stages live together in shared accommodation (lounges, kitchens, bathrooms – but you will have your own bedroom) to support each other through the program.

The “community as method” approach at Missiondale supports the Community Values which are learning, honesty, work ethic and responsible concern.

  • You are not able to have visitors or receive phone calls within the first two weeks of your program. This allows you to settle into the program with as few external distractions as possible. Exceptions can be made for contact with children.
  • You can only bring what you can easily carry yourself. There is a two bag limit. A list of what to bring will be provided at your pre-admission assessment. Personal shopping is available once a fortnight in the initial 8 week program.
  • After the initial 8 week program, you are eligible to apply for off property day or weekend leave. This leave progresses based on your program stage.

About the Program

Waiting List and Keeping in Touch

You can contact Missiondale to fill out an application form over the phone to be placed on the Waiting List. Once you are on the Waiting List, you are required to keep in touch with us once a week on (03) 6391 8013.

This enables us to keep up to date with your current contact details and if you ring each week, you will move up on the Waiting List.

If we do not hear from you for a period of three weeks, you will be removed from the Waiting List. If you ring after that three week period, you will go back onto the Waiting List from that date and start the process again.

What Does the Missiondale Program Include?

  • Medical support through Longford Surgery – you will see a GP shortly after you arrive, who will prepare a Care Plan with you
  • Case management – your Case Manager will help you set some achievable goals during your program
  • Exercise and recreation – there is a fully equipped gym
  • Art and music rooms – there are opportunities for you to explore some creative therapy
  • Individual counselling (in the initial 8 week program) – if you require further counselling, you will be referred to an external provider
  • Group Therapy work – including lapse prevention
  • Smoking is allowed in restricted outside areas

Program Eligibility

Individuals aged 18 years or over

Alcohol and drug free prior to admission, either at home, at medical detox in Hobart or at Serenity House. This pathway will be discussed and confirmed with you at your pre-admission assessment

You need to be physically able and willing to participate in all TC groups, work therapy and program activities

You are required to bring current medications for the first few days, then new scripts and medications will be issued via the Longford Surgery and Perth Pharmacy

Access to external appointments during your stay is limited and is assessed on an individual basis

Missiondale Staff

Our welcoming, trustworthy and professional team made up of Social Workers, Case Managers, Supervisors and Support Workers will support you to set goals and provide you with the tools to work towards achieving them.

Contact Us

For more information about Missiondale

Phone: (03) 6391 8013

Address: 75 Leighlands Road, Evandale

Email: missiondale@citymission.org.au

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