Social Enterprise

City Mission's social enterprise activities are an essential part of our funding model.

City Mission operates a range of social enterprise activities which generate around one third of the funding required to deliver core programs and services each year. Last year, thanks to community support, $2.9 million in sales was generated through Mission Shops.

With 11 shops located across the north and north west, sales from Mission Shops, Hunta Gatha and Recycling Shops play a huge part in maintaining our service levels, however, as with any business, there are also costs associated with running our shops such as wages, rent, electricity, telephone and insurances.

Sometimes we get asked why we charge for items that have been donated by the community. In addition, some people often think you need to be on a low income to shop at an Op Shop.

So, let's dispel these two 'Op Shop' myths!

1. The generosity of donations from the community allow us to continue to support people in need in the community. Without this support, we simply wouldn't be able to meet the growing demand for assistance each year. To make sure we can continue to help the tens of thousands of people who ask us for help each year, we have a responsibility to price our goods at a rate that allows us to help as many people as possible. However, our Community & Family Services programs can provide items free of charge, in special circumstances.

2. People who shop with us are from all walks of life and do so for many reasons including:

· Regard op shopping as value for money

· Prefer to wear unique, niche items

· Want to contribute to sustainability by reducing landfill

When you shop with us, you can feel satisfied that your money stays local, helping to support people in need in our community. The more you shop and donate, the more people we are able to help.

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