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Choir of High Hopes

Overcoming social isolation through the joy of singing

The Choir of High Hopes was founded in 2007 by a passionate and caring team of people with a love of music and  singing. The choir exists to provide anyone, young or old, with an interest in music and singing an outlet to explore, develop and awaken their gifts through music and song while developing confidence and connection.

Enhancing confidence and self esteem 

By developing singing skills and facilitating opportunity for social connections the choir aims to empower confidence, self-worth, self-esteem and encourage peer support; consequently enhancing social integration and inclusion.

The choir rehearse every Wednesday morning and enjoy lunch together afterwards. Throughout the year the choir performs at many concerts and community events.

Get Involved

To get involved in the Choir of High Hopes you can either join the choir or make a donation.

To book the choir for your next event please email City Mission.

Choir of High Hopes

Moving with the Mission

Moving with the Mission is a low cost home contents removal service for eligible* customers.

The service runs across North and North West Tasmania providing support for those that otherwise may not be able to afford a removal service.

To find out more or request a quote for this service, please phone: (03) 6343 2115.

*Eligible customers can include low-income earners, victims of domestic violence needing to be relocated quickly or the elderly who are moving into an aged care facility or retirement village and lack social support. Please phone the number listed above to find out if you are eligible and request a quote.

Moving with the Mission

Prison Bus


City Mission’s Prison Visit Service provides free transport for friends and family members who would like to visit loved ones currently in prison. The service operates the second Saturday of each month and travels to Risdon Prison Complex in Hobart.

Before booking with us, you must contact the prison on 6165 7400 to book a time to visit between 12:30pm and 2pm on the Saturday of the Prison Visit Service. To be eligible to visit, you must be registered as a visitor and approved by Corrective Services. All visitors must provide approved government photo ID (drivers licence, passport etc) and children under 18 can visit parents if ID has been provided.

Once your visitation time has been confirmed by the prison you must then book your seat with us through City Mission’s Family Services on 6335 3000. Your seat will need to be booked before 4pm on the Thursday prior to your visit. Please note we have limited capacity, so we recommend booking early to avoid disappointment.

The Prison Visit Service departs at 9am from City Mission’s Chapel, 48 Frederick St Launceston and arrives at Risdon Prison Complex at approximately 12.30pm. The service returns to Launceston around 6pm.

What to bring:

Photo ID

Lunch or money to buy lunch at the designated rest stop

Appropriate clothing

Car seats/capsules for babies/infants

Contact Numbers:

Risdon Prison Complex 6165 7400

Family Services 6335 3000

You can find full details on visitation and requirements at

Project North

Project North takes a community-led approach to empower and inspire locals in the northern suburbs of Launceston, including Rocherlea, Newnham, Mayfield, Mowbray, Invermay, Ravenswood and Waverley.

"What people long for is a chance to have their voice heard, to feel valued, understood and supported. Understanding that for a community to truly thrive, locals must have a say in its future." said Ray Green Project Lead.

This initiative is powered through collaboration and as such recognises and is thankful for generosity and support of Olive Road in partnership with City Mission North & North West TAS. Project North is about bringing people with a lived experience of their communities to the forefront of decision making when it comes to things that matter to them and aims to identify and alleviate some of the more persistent and complex social issues in the Northern Suburbs of Launceston. It hopes to achieve this through local communities working together around an agreed resident led collective impact approach. A key component of this project is the empowerment of local community members being the primary owners and changemakers when it come building a better future for those they love.

Ray Green (Project North – Community Development Lead) works alongside various place-based community stakeholders, such as the City of Launceston, the Northern Suburbs Community Centre, Starting Point Neighbourhood House, local community sheds, the Migrant Resource Centre, Community Housing Limited as well as government and business to help equip, resource and develop local leaders, facilitating the longer term viability of the project.

Transforming Together

Project North would like to acknowledge and thank the Northern Suburb community for its huge contribution to the Transform Together Survey. "It was our privilege to sit and hear your dreams, joys, struggles and aspirations" said Ray Green, (Project North) Operations Manager Community Development.

If it is true that people support what they help create, then my hope is that by sharing your ideas through this Project, the creation of better a future for you and those you care about will result. This Project recognises the enormous challenges we face. However, we are not alone, and together transformation is possible as long as we remember that our greatness as a community is measured by our compassionate service for each other.

Read Survey Report Here

Download Project North Flyer: Project North Final Trifold V3

For more information please contact:

To keep up to date on Project North please follow us on Facebook.

Community Support Story

Choir of High Hopes

Thanks to the generosity of Calvary a trip to the North West Coast was made possible, with a donation of $1,000, where choir members had the privilege of performing over the ‘Choc Fest’ weekend. The donation covered, accommodation and travel expenses.

“This event is the highlight of our year. We look forward to this as the audience are so encouraging which makes everyone happy and we all go home with a light heart. The choir members being able to spend the night in accommodation added to the joy. Thank you for helping us to be so blessed”

What a difference it has made to my life. I was a very quiet lonely lady and didn’t have any friends. Now I have learnt to speak with people and made many friends'

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