City Mission provided 2500 people with food assistance.

300 people with supported accommodation.

80 people helped to control their addiction.

1500 Tasmanians homeless.

1 in 7 Tasmanians living in poverty.

Drug addiction is affecting more people.

You can help.
Make it your mission.

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It costs:

$50 to provide food assistance to an individual for 1 week
$20,000 to provide a full rehabilitation course to an addiction effected individual


Business Excellence Awards 2015

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Launceston City Mission

Here to serve the local community seeking to be flexible and responsive in meeting the community's needs.

As a community organisation our purpose is to serve the community’s people who are marginalised through poverty, abuse, addiction and other unfortunate circumstances that have brought hard times for them to bear. 

It therefore goes without saying that all our initiatives are focused on charitable work and social enterprise.

In the past year City Mission has:

  • Directed  every donated dollar back into services to the community.
  • Assisted over 150 children with grief and loss issues
  • Helped more than 300 people seeking emergency relief for the very first time
  • Provided a helping hand and a listening ear for 2,200 people in poverty.
  • Connected with over 6,000 people through  outreach programs
  • Gave out 76,200 meals.
  • Attended 270 community events with their outreach trailer
  • Idividually mentored 50 troubled youth
  • Maintained a 98% occupancy rate at homeless facilities (Orana House)
  • Assisted 92 individuals to assess and control their addictions at Missiondale
  • Assisted 161 individuals to assess and control their addictions at Serenity House
  • Provided paid work for 116 local Tasmanians
  • Gave over 400 volunteers, work for the Dole and community work order participants an opportunity to work.