Recognising the partnership: City Mission and Scotch Oakburn College

Posted on April 03, 2017

Recognising the partnership: City Mission and Scotch Oakburn College

Scotch Oakburn College and City Mission signed a Memorandum of Understanding this week to recognise the partnership between the two organisations.

Scotch Oakburn College are ongoing supporters of City Mission. Students are involved in a volunteering program where they are able to help out at Morton's Place, serve food and interact with clients. Most recently, Scotch Oakburn students have been involved in launching a youth forum, 'Brainwaves' as part of National Youth Week and City Mission's Future Hope Youth Appeal.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) states the following:

Scotch Oakburn College and City Mission share a commitment to supporting individuals who are marginalised by poverty, homelessness, mental illness, life-controlling illnesses and social isolation. For City Mission, provision of this support is core business: its key purpose and reason to exist. For Scotch Oakburn College students who work on joint projects or volunteer at City Mission, the opportunity to help people in need creates a playform for giving back - and for building empathy, compassion and strategies for helping others. This MOU will provide context and outline the intent for activities where Scotch Oakburn College students will work with City Mission on specific events and it encompasses existing and ongoing Community Service Program volunteering partnerships.

Brainwaves will launch and be held later this week. The committee of Scotch Oakburn students and City Mission's youth mentors and marketing team have organised a sensational event. The event will welcome a range of students from local high schools and colleges with the aim being to raise awareness of youth mental illness and remove the stigma from this topic. 

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