Organic Gardening Practices

Posted on May 24, 2017

Organic Gardening Practices

Bettina is our Gardener at Missiondale and has shared a range of tips for fertilisers and soil boosters, mulch and money savers to help you with your organic gardening practices.

Fertiliser and Soil Booster:

  • Aged sheep and cow manure
  • Add chicken manure and straw to your compost – it is too strong to use it fresh
  • Make your own Bio-Char to use it in the soil and potting mix
  • Dynamic Lifter
  • Mix 10:1 Blood and Bone with Potash for a complete fertiliser
  • Add liquid potash to your flowering and fruiting plants every two weeks for more flowers
  • Make your own Comfrey tea and Worm juice to liquid-feed your plants every two weeks
  • Make your own compost with green (everything fresh) and brown (leaves, small branches, paper and cardboard, straw and seaweed) waste material.


  • Pea straw – old straw from farmers
  • Seaweed or rice grass from the Tamar or the beach
  • Newspaper and cardboard
  • Pine needles for strawberries and blueberries

Money Savers

  • Collect your own seeds or let your plants self-seed in the bed or in the compost. You will be surprised how many ‘volunteer plants’ will come up. Leave them there or transplant to a different spot.
  • Use old pots, cups, shoes, containers, Styrofoam boxes or pallets for planting boxes. Remember drainage holes and consider comfortable working heights, sun position, watering and mulching.
  • Enjoy your time in the garden – it will save you many visits to the doctor and cut down your supermarket bill

To find out what you can grow at different times during the year, we found this helpful calendar thanks to About The Garden Pty Ltd.

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