NILS Supporting Tasmanians

Posted on January 30, 2017

NILS Supporting Tasmanians

​City Mission is a delivery partner of NILS Tasmania and many of our clients have taken advantage of this service. We thought it might be good to share what NILS is all about and how it supports our clients and other low income earners in Tasmania.

A lot of our clients at City Mission have taken advantage of this service to purchase new quality items for their home or repair their vehicle.

What is NILS?

NILS (No Interest Loans Service) Tasmania is a non-profit organisation that provides safe, fair and affordable loans for low income earners of Tasmania.

How does NILS work?

Qualifying individuals can apply for NILS assistance to purchase a wide variety of new items or services:

  • Household essentials (fridges, washers and some furniture)
  • Education essentials (computers, school trips and text books)
  • Medical and dental equipment and services
  • Car care essentials (tyres, repairs and registration)

Some conditions apply as it will only allow payment of car registration as a one-off and will not loan money to pay bills.

What is City Mission’s involvement?

City Mission is registered with NILS as a Delivery Partner. This allows our staff in Family Services to process client applications.

Many clients have used this service and it supports low income earners well with no interest or lock-in contracts.

Why is it helpful to the community?

As NILS is designed for low income earners, it assists families and individuals to build financial asset without paying interest or being locked into a contract (like they can be with rental outlets).

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