Missiondale receives new cameras

Posted on March 15, 2017

Missiondale receives new cameras

Founder of Road Accident Trauma Support Tasmania, Colleen Hall found therapeutic benefits from her interest in photography after she had been affected by a number of traumatic road accident incidences.

So much so that she started sharing her interests with others through regularly purchasing and donating cameras to various not for profit organisations in Northern Tasmania.

Earlier this month, Missiondale was the beneficiary of two new cameras donated by Colleen residents to use to help them discover the scenic beauty and intricacies that fill our world.

Colleen’s small operation she calls 'U Turn Photography' has donated cameras to over a dozen different organisations in the past few years.  Her generosity is demonstrated by how she goes about her giving.  On a pension, colleen is not blessed with abundance but she laybys the cameras through Stallards Camera House, who she says have been most helpful and understanding about her cause.  Little by little, as she can afford she pays off the cameras and once fully paid decides where she will give them.

Colleen presented the cameras, complete with memory cards and accessories to Missiondale Manager, Rob Koops who was thrilled about Colleen’s thoughtfulness.  Missiondale is currently having one of their old buildings converted to a creative centre where art, music and now photography will be practiced and enjoyed by Missiondale residents.

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