Jeff transformed his life through Orana House

Posted on March 24, 2017

Jeff transformed his life through Orana House

Our first encounter with Jeff was when he came to Orana House to sober up.

Jeff stayed with us for a few weeks after as he had nowhere else to go. During this time he was able to reconnect with his ex-partner and his son and he started volunteering at Morton’s Place.

Jeff started seeking counselling for his alcohol abuse. The second chance to be a responsible father gave him renewed energy to make positive life choices.

Not long after moving into one of Orana’s longer term units, Jeff was offered a transitional unit in the community with his family by another service provider. He saw this as an opportunity to further develop his relationship with his partner and son as well as continue to receive support.

Upon leaving Orana House, Jeff said he would continue to help out in Morton’s Place as valued the opportunity to give back to the organisation that supported him through a difficult time in his life.

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