The Mish's IT IGNITE: Client Testimonial

Posted on April 22, 2016

The Mish's IT IGNITE: Client Testimonial

IT IGNITE is a multimedia program run by our youth mentoring services area, The Mish.

This program began last year after the MyState Foundation provided us with funding to purchase equipment needed, such as desktop computers and graphic and design software.

The program facilitator, along with one of our youth mentors, structures the sessions around the clients and their abilities or interests

Mitch’s sessions were re-structured in order to engage him through his interest of dinosaurs. Mitch enjoyed creating a three-part documentary series on dinosaurs, which he filmed and edited.

We had a brief discussion with Mitch’s mother who told us that Mitch has enjoyed the program at The Mish and developed great relationships with our facilitator and mentor. She said that since attending these sessions, he has been “happy and quite light”.

“I know that Mitch gets a lot out of it so I would definitely recommend it!” 

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