Plain English Keeping People Safe and Building Skills

Posted on June 15, 2016

Plain English Keeping People Safe and Building Skills

26Ten Tasmania awarded City Mission with a grant to offer specialist in-house training to build work health and safety wellbeing and the literacy and numeracy skills of volunteers and staff.

Some of City Mission’s 450 volunteers have challenges around literacy and numeracy in everyday life. It is not uncommon in today’s community, but we know most are keen to learn and build their knowledge with the aim of improving their work place skills and being able to engage more positively in community and family.

City Mission CEO Stephen Brown explained that some volunteers hail from challenging backgrounds; environments where education was not accessible or supported. Now, as adults, they want to learn and to experience the benefits that result from having improved knowledge and skills. They want to be able to help their children with school work, to fill in forms and to be considered for higher level jobs.

To ensure that all at City Mission, regardless of their literacy or numeracy skills, are kept safe at work, the 26Ten funding will allow City Mission to develop ‘Easy English’ workplace policy documents and signage.  Mr Brown said, “as a workplace provider, we want to ensure the safety of workers - and to be safe they must be able to understand our processes and rules”.  

Both 26Ten programs will be particularly helpful to recently arrived refugees who volunteer with City Mission through a program facilitated by the Migrant Resource Centre.  By using ‘Easy English’ wording and illustrated signage these newcomers will better understand the ways in which they can stay safe while also building their English language skills.

City Mission managers will be supported in delivering this training by a workplace-based professional Adult Literacy Support Officer.

City Mission is committed to providing positive support that enables our community to choose positive pathways and networks. 26Ten is helping more Tasmanians get the skills they need for life and work by bringing linking business, community and government to work together to take action on adult literacy and numeracy.

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