Partnering with another Local Organisation

Posted on March 04, 2016

Partnering with another Local Organisation

City Mission and Migrant Resource Centre (MRC) have joined forces to deliver a program that provides newcomers with access to voluntary work in a supported and structured workplace.

One aspect of the Find Your Way into Work program is work experience for participants. Funded by Skills Tasmania, the program enables M RC clients to participate in a work environment, where they can build work skills, learn workplace culture and, importantly, improve their English language skills.

At the same time City Mission enjoys increased volunteer participation in its social enterprise operations while also building the cultural awareness of its existing workforce and volunteer base.

This partnership was formalised by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding at a ceremony at our Youngtown Mission Shop

To support the City Mission's work it operates numerous social enterprises including Mission Shops, Uptipity Shop and E-Waste Tasmania. These enterprises rely on the support of hundreds of volunteers who serve in the shops, sort through donations and dismantle thousands of televisions and computers in order to reduce waste to landfill and generate income.

MRC's humanitarian arrivals are eager to develop their English language skills and learn how to live and work in the Tasmanian environment. Immigrants, predominantly from Afghanistan, Burma, Bhutan and Nepal volunteer their services to City Mission by working at the Youngtown Mission Shop and E-Waste centre during the program. They will participate in City Mission's formal work place induct ion processes and become acquainted with work place expectations, regulations  and culture.

Everyone benefits from this relationship. Employment is a key settlement milestone in a person's journey in establishing themselves in a new place. One of the biggest challenges for new Australian s is understanding workplace processes and cultures and building English language skills. Many job seekers find jobs through personal contacts and pathway programs such as this one which can facilitate their entry into employment.

The above quote is from MRC CEO Ella Dixon.

City Mission CEO, Stephen Brown observed how 'local' volunteers also benefited from this unique opportunity to understand other cultures and to learn of the newcomers' journeys from devastation to the safety and inclusion that Launceston is proud to offer.

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