Horticulture Therapy Thriving at Missiondale

Posted on November 11, 2016

Horticulture Therapy Thriving at Missiondale

Missiondale’s inspirational and productive “Garden of Hope” is now in full swing producing fresh fruit and vegetables to the residents who grew them.

Missiondale gardener Bettina Hockey had a dream to reincarnate the old vegie patch situated on the property at Missiondale. The garden is now not only producing food but has proved to be therapeutic to the residents involved in the project. One participant put it this way, “I love working in the garden. It has given me a sense of purpose and connection to the earth and nature. I look forward to working in the garden each morning and find that it is relaxing, challenging and helps me stick to the task at hand.”

Bettina has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to using natural and inexpensive ways to grow and cultivate the produce. She teaches her horticultural enthusiasts to make their own compost, worm juice and comfrey tea along with making bio char from wood coals and animal manure.

Bettina and Missiondale residents are working towards achieving the goals of producing healthy, fresh and organic food at a low cost, helping to make Missiondale more self-sufficient with their supply of freshly grown produce and, in time, as the garden expands, to provide excess produce to City Mission’s other services including Family Services, Morton’s Place and Orana homeless shelter.


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