Helping Others with the Lessons He Had to Learn

Posted on February 12, 2016

Helping Others with the Lessons He Had to Learn

Up until a few years ago Kent would not have believed he would be living in a Therapeutic community, helping to rehabilitate residents from addiction related issues.

Kent grew up in a caring and loving family unit. His school years were good, always busy and he had fairly clear ambitions for his future. He pursued a career in hospitality management and became successful, working around Australia and internationally until, “I had finally hit rock bottom.”

Kent’s life had fallen into the despair of illicit drug and alcohol addiction. Almost his whole pay packet (around $1,000 a week) was being spent on Ice and other drugs.

Walking into Serenity House was one of the hardest things Kent did in his life.

He had a huge sense of shame, insecurity and a fear of the unknown. He had no idea what to expect

To his surprise, he found “kind, caring staff and residents just like me” he says. After three weeks at Serenity House a vacancy became available for him at Missiondale and he accepted.

“The Missiondale program was more than I ever expected. Although becoming impatient at the beginning, I found the pace and structure of it to be one of the most important factors in my recovery. All that we have done has deepened my understanding of my addiction. The group therapy sessions enabled me to be confidentially honest, learn from like-minded individuals and identify who I really am, why I’ve found myself in this situation and where I am going.

I’ve gained most from learning the cycle of addiction, about my self-esteem and lifestyle planning.”

Kent made many changes to his life as he progressed through the program. He now takes good care of himself and manages his personal affairs with confidence and purposes. He has also rebuilt important relationships with friends and family.

He now works at Missiondale as a case manager.

I’ve found the type of fulfilling and meaningful work I want. I’m excited about what lies ahead and feel I’ve been given many tools, by many people here to live a long, healthy and fulfilling life. I had to make the initial decision to change – but if it wasn’t for a supportive family, friendships and the City Mission, I may not be writing this today.
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