Aurora Energy Sharing the Joy for Those in Need

Posted on January 05, 2016

Aurora Energy Sharing the Joy for Those in Need

Twelve months ago she had an operation on her wrists due to a workplace repetitive strain injury. All her medical costs in this instance were covered by the employer’s insurance.

Rosie’ s injury gave her no problem for twelve months but the pain returned, this time, moving up her arms and into her neck. Rosie was laid off work leaving her with no income and slim chances of her gaining new employment.

She registered with Centrelink to receive a sickness allowance. However this was going to take 3-6 weeks before she could receive any payments. Thankfully, she had a $1000 in her savings account which she withdrew to pay for two weeks rent, fuel for her car and a small amount of food.

Rosie had separated from her husband 5 months ago. The separation left her with several pets to take care of and an unpaid personal loan. Rosie was in real financial trouble. She went from a reasonable steady income to receiving nothing. She faced the possibility of eviction from the house she had been renting for 3 years.


Rosie received her Aurora Energy statement at the same time all this was happening. She owed over $700 that was due within a week. Due to the complexity of Rosie’s situation, our caseworker rescheduled another appointment to address the Aurora Energy situation and assist with much needed prescription medication for pain management and treatment for her depression.


With Rosie’s consent, the caseworker phoned Aurora’s YES team knowing Rosie would require specialised assistance. The YES team member was very understanding of her situation. He accepted a hardship payment on the amount owing and placed an extension on Rosie’s outstanding balance, giving her some grace until she could receive her benefit.


Rosie left the service feeling very relieved knowing that the Aurora YES team had understood her crisis situation and happy to work with her towards a solution which would provide a positive outcome for both herself and Aurora.

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