A Positive Outcome for Launceston Flood Victim

Posted on October 05, 2016

A Positive Outcome for Launceston Flood Victim

Vince Mills was a small boy who lived all his childhood in Victorian orphanages where he always felt alone and unloved. He grew into a resilient adult who learned to make his way in life – still alone except for his self-created family of dogs.

Twenty years ago, he moved to Launceston where he and the dogs lived in a variety of vans and sheds wherever he could find a spot he was allowed to stay. Vince made City Mission an extension of his family. He comes daily for breakfast, lunch, a shower and company. When things are tough he talks to the workers there and finds acceptance and love.

At 72 years of age, Vince and his 3 dogs lived in a cubby house arrangement of sheds and vans next to the river in Invermay. This is an area where river rats and feral cats call home. Why would he choose to live there? The answer lies in the fact that no one is keen to offer rental accommodation to someone with 3 dogs. So he chooses to care for them rather than relinquishing any of his ‘children.’ He ensures they are cared for, walked and fed each day before he comes to the Mission for breakfast.

Vince’s home was destroyed during this year’s Launceston floods. The RSPCA took care of his three dogs while Mission workers, with some help from other agencies, worked at finding Vince a new home.

Vince needed somewhere more safe and secure to live out his years with his canine family. As he ages, he becomes more vulnerable and a bit more frail. Several weeks went by and finally a public housing unit with ample space for the dogs and secure fences was offered to Vince. He accepted.

The Mission worker helped Vince make arrangements to move in and helped him reorganise his budget to allow for his rental costs.

Vince continues to be a regular at Morton’s Place, enjoying the low cost meals and company. He is very grateful to the “family” he has at the Mission. 

If it wasn't for Morton's Place, I probably wouldn't be here.
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