A Letter of Appreciation

Posted on November 23, 2016

A Letter of Appreciation

Over the past few months I have been seeing you on a regular basis. With your support I have started to move forward in a positive way.

With my past haunting me on a daily basis, my physical & emotional health was in turmoil. I tried some counselling which helped, but I always felt there was something missing & I never seemed to work this out until I started meeting with you.

A short time after starting our chats I realised it was my faith that I had lost over those years. With what had impacted my life throughout the years, my faith had gone and I was very lost.

I was angry with God! “How could he let these things happen to innocent people?”

Chatting with you has helped me to see a different perspective on my past.

I am not the victim anymore. I am a person who has been helped to deal with some past issues. My faith in the Lord has started to become stronger every day.

I have wiped the dust off my Bible & am now using it & praying daily.

In my eyes, you are an angel sent from heaven and you are doing such great work.

You will always have a special place in my heart as you have helped bring me from the darkness and now I am seeing life through a different set of eyes.

Thank you so much!

  The above letter was received by one of our chaplains and edited to be published.

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