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Inside Out 4 Kids

The Children’s Trauma, Grief and Loss Support is a peer-support, harm prevention program. It aims to assist children see change and loss as a normal part of life, put feelings into words, work through their grief and build a stronger sense of self, resilience, acceptance, belonging and hope.

The program runs in various schools and children that are referred to the program participate in weekly sessions during a school term with a trained facilitator. Participating children are given the opportunity to share, laugh, cry, listen and participate in activities as part of the process of equipping them to deal with grief in a confidential and safe environment.

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Inside Out 4 Kids

Success Story

John's Story

John has thoroughly benefited participating in this program and has learnt many things in his short time with the facilitator of the Children’s Trauma, Grief and Loss Support program. She has helped John to understand and label his emotions, whether they are negative or positive. In that understanding, he has started to learn coping skills to help him through his negative emotions. John was very excited on Tuesdays when he was able to have time with the facilitator; she made the experience fun and easy for him to understand; ensuring that John would feel comfortable with her was of the highest priority, to form a relationship that was trusting and compassionate.

It has helped me say what my emotions are, it has made me feel happy.

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