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Inside Out 4 Kids

About Inside Out 4 Kids

The Inside Out 4 Kids program is a program funded by City Mission and delivered in schools at no charge.

Inside Out 4 Kids (IO4K) is a unique program designed to specifically address the trauma, grief and loss experiences of young people. Operating in schools across northern Tasmania, the program delivers a holistic approach through early intervention.

The impact of trauma, grief and loss on children can have a profound effect on their their journey through life.

When trauma is experienced as a child, it can be associated with developmental difficulties; mental health difficulties; physical health difficulties; substance abuse; and involvement with police and judicial system. As these young people mature into adulthood, trauma can continue to impact their ability to regulate behaviour and sustain healthy relationships in society.

Children meet weekly in small support groups with a trained facilitator. In this safe, confidential and caring environment, children can talk, share, cry, listen and participate in activities and games while learning strategies to deal with their grief

The IO4K program runs for eight weeks, incorporating a weekly 45 minute session. As part of the program, each child receives a journal and folder to take home, along with their choice of a 'buddy' which is a soft toy. For many children, this can be their first soft toy.

Inside Out 4 Kids

How can you help?

How can you help?

With many schools and families lacking the financial capacity or resources to access trauma, grief and loss support, City Mission offers IO4K as a free program,

To provide this free program, we rely heavily on the financial support of individuals and the local business community.

For each child participating in the IO4K program, the cost is $500. This includes delivery of an eight week program by a trained program facilitator, along with course materials.

If you would like to support the program, click here. For more information about Inside Out 4 Kids, please contact us.

Program Outcomes

Since IO4K began, demand for the program has continued to rise and numbers on the wait list increase. Here's what our program achieved in the 2017/2018 financial year.


Their stories

Program Facilitator - Ava's Story

A group of four girls began the program together. By week three, it was evident that one child, Ava, was still very reserved and withdrawn. I spent extra time with her and asked ‘what is your story’? She began to sob “My Dad died, it’s my fault he died”. This is her story.

Just before Christmas, Ava came home from school and tragically discovered her Dad had taken his own life. That morning, she had argued with her father about staying at her friend’s house. Now, blaming herself for arguing with him, Ava was hurt, angry and confused.

Following this traumatic event, Ava began having nightmares. She was constantly frightened, unable to concentrate during class and became withdrawn from friends.

Ava was shutting down emotionally. As difficult as it was for her, I encouraged her to start drawing pictures of her Dad that reminded her of the happy times they had together, and to share these stories.

Little by little, as Ava's confidence grew, she share began to recall and share stories of happy times with her Dad, even managing a smile and chuckle.

During one session, we made a memory bracelet: each coloured bead represented a time in her life spent with her Dad.

Ava's journey through the IO4K program helped her deal with the tragic loss of her Dad. I watched as her confidence grew and as she learnt one important truth - she was not to blame for what had happened. She no longer had to carry such a burden inside her heart.

Charlie's Story - by a Program Facilitator

A team members received a call from a grandmother. Her daughter had recently passed away in a car accident and her young grandson, Charlie, was in the car when it occurred. He had run to get help for his mother who sadly passed away at the scene of the accident.

Charlie became extremely depressed, angry and sad at the circumstances and changes that had occurred in his life. After 5 weekly sessions with Charlie, it was apparent he was suffering from PTSD. A referral was made for him to see a Psychologist for further support.

Several month later, we received another call from his grandmother, explaining Charlie still wasn't coping and his behavior was continuing to deteriorate.

His life was in total chaos, nothing was helping him. On Charlie's request, his Grandmother brought him back to IO4K. He was so excited to be back and did not stop talking and sharing. Once comfortable, he was also able to recount the horrific events surrounding the trauma of the car accident.

It was so pleasing to see that Charlie felt safe to ask questions and share his worries. Over the following weeks he spent time in with IO4K progr helping to make things for children in the program.

It was evident Charlie was becoming more settled and positive about his life.

Sometimes, all it takes, is a listening ear, laughter and a safe place to build a trusting relationship, to help children move through trauma and discover hope for the future..

Principal’s Story

I can’t say how much Exeter Primary appreciate the work of the IO4K staff and what they have done for our students".

"Your expertise, caring nature and ‘going above and beyond’ is amazing. You provide a safe place and time for students to understand how they are feeling and what they can do, which fits so well will our philosophy of empowering students to manage their behaviour and themselves.

Our students love participating in this program and talk extremely positively about you all".

Success Story

John's Story

Jenny's Story

Jenny contacted the IO4K team after her son's participation in the program through her school. She wanted to thank the team and share how much her relationship with her son had improved since his attendance.

Jenny told us that her son is now able to verbalise his feelings, which he had previously struggled with. She recognised this was a direct result of what her son had learnt through the IO4K program.

Since then, Jenny has recommended IO4K to her sister and niece, as she believes they would also benefit from the support offered through the IO4K.

It has helped me say what my emotions are, it has made me feel happy.

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